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Whisper Estate




Karen Lead Investigator
Kat - Investigator
Kevin -Investigator Danny - Tech Specialist


Whispers Estate is a beautiful 3,700 sq. ft. Victorian home in Mitchell In. Whispers Estate Whispers Estate was built in 1894 or earlier.(1901 depending on which source you reference.) Dr. John & Jessie Gibbons purchased the house from Dr. George & Sarah White, the original owners of the home. Dr. John & Jessie Gibbons adopted a 10 year old girl, named Rachel, who died in the house by a fire that started in the front parlor. She died 2 days later in one of the upstairs bedrooms. But she can still be heard today, running around the house. Also, Elizabeth, a 10 month old infant, died in the Master bedroom, of unknown causes, but there is still a scent of baby powder & you can still hear her cries at times. Jessie died in the Master bedroom from a bout of double pneumonia. Guest sleeping in this room awake to labored breathing & coughing. There are many more activities in this house. Please contact the owner for appointments to check out this beautiful home & its many active rooms & interesting guest. (Info referenced from "")



Looks like a Lady on the wall
looks like someone standing in the windows this was on the 3rd floor
look like a hat on the wall but you can see through it
another hat on the wall
mist in corner
another hat picture
left side of pic is fuzzy. but looks like someone standing in the fuzz
Pillow on right side looks like some ones head is laying on it.



Highlight text below sound file to see what we heard.

What we heard: "coffin room." What we heard: "Go a way."
What we heard: "in your face" What we heard: "love me."
What we heard: "out" What we heard: "Puppy whining."



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