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Villisca Axe Murder House




Villisca Axe Murder House

Villisca, Iowa


June 10,1912 Long before serial killers and mass murders had become a way of life, two adults and six children were found brutally murdered in their beds, in the small mid-western town of Villisca, Iowa. In 1994, Darwin and Martha Linn of Corning, Iowa, purchased the home of murder victim J.B. Moore and his family. The house was returned to its original condition at the time of the murders on June 10, 1912. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and opened for tours. We will never really know what happened on that dark night inside the home of J.B. and Sarah Moore. The murderer or murderers were never caught, their dark secret was obviously carried with them to their own graves. * Information obtained at above website 


Front on House
The front side of axe murder house
The backside of the house
Attic windows
Close up of attic windows
Piano in Parlor
Window in parlor. Notice what is in front of it.
Wood stove
Blue room where Stillinger sister slept
The Moores
Drawing in barn
Bed in blue room
Blue room
Left our mark.
enlarge look at far window . See the person in window


Highlight text below sound file to see what we heard.


What we heard: (First Word - Whisper of an investigator's name) "Don" What we heard: (Last Word - Whisper of an investigator's name) "Don"
What we heard: hello What we heard: Is everyone dead
What we heard: mom What we heard: scream
What we heard: theyre_back What we heard: uh
What we heard: what What we heard: theyre_back