Kevil Ghost Hunters

AKA Kevil Area Paranormal Investigators (K.A.P.I.)
Prospect Place



Prospect Place Trinway Ohio

Built: 1856 - 1857

Builder/Owner: George Willison Adams

Style: Greek Revival/Italianate



Prospect Place built by Geo. W Adams, has 29 rooms,was a stop on the Underground Railroad. African American refugees who escaped the slavery of the South, would be placed in the basement of this house. They were given, Food, Lamps, Blankets, and medical help for their trip further North, along the Underground Railroad. Bounty Hunters from the South regularly roamed the Ohio countyside looking for runaway slaves. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 made this legal, even though Ohio was a free state. Prospect Place is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is currently in the process of being restored.;


K.A.P.I arrives at Prospect Place
Underground Railroad art work
Picture of Mary Adams
Sign under picture of Mary Adams
Mans Parlor with Picture of Geo. Adams
Wm. Evans Cox
Sign under Wm. Cox
Window in Video on page
2nd floor door, girl fell out, bottom left pain see face of girl. may need to zoom in.
Another picture of door
Outside view of 2nd floor door.
Sign for daughters room
Could be orbs around the barn
Orbs at barn
Orb at Barn door
Cross on wall in ballroom
Well where body of girl that fell out of 2nd floor door was kept til she could be buried


Notice in the beginning of the video you can obviously tell it is the wind moving the curtain. Also note the difference in movement of the curtain around time 1:07:52.

(Video is eight minutes long)

Highlight the text under the EVP to see what we heard.

What we Heard: "George"What we Heard: "John"
What we heard: "Kill him"What we heard: "Mommy"