Kevil Ghost hunters

AKA Kevil Area Paranormal Investigators (K.A.P.I.)


Morse Mills Hotel



Investigators Kathy Cox, Kevin Cox lead investigator Karen Kilgore and Tech. Danny Kilgore and Kenneth Kilgore.


Morse Mill was a very interesting place. When we did the walk through, with Tiffany, getting the History & Hot Spots, just as she unlocked the door and opened it, the door slammed shut. After signing our waivers, we went in. We all had the feeling we were being followed. We also heard female voices. Kevin & Dan, was sitting outside at the picnic table, because it was HOT AS HELL! Karen, Kat & Kenny were all inside the house. Dan & Kevin could see movement inside the house. Whatever was there was playing with the investigators inside. If they were on the third floor, the shadow was on the second. Always a floor above or below the investigators. Kevin & Dan were using the real time recorder, while in the Prostitute room. Neither knowing the other heard it. Kevin said he heard a giggle. Dan said, he had heard it too. Later in the night Kevin & Dan sitting in the 2nd floor hallway, heard someone say "SMILE". They are the only ones there. One of the claims in the Attic, a door opens on its own. We made sure all windows were closed & no drafts. We shut the door and made sure it latched. About 2am, the door opened & you can see a shadow crossed & black out the bottom hinge. Looks like someone walked in front of the door. All in all, This place will keep you on your toes. Just make sure when you go, it's not the hottest day of the summer....LOL


Mystery Lights
old Newspaper on floor
Living room (Night shot)
Dungeon (Night shot)
Child in 3rd pane down on left
Picture of door, showing nothing in the lower right pane.
Looks like a child peeking out lower right pane.


Highlight text below sound file to see what we heard

What we Heard: crying
What we Heard: fuck you
What we Heard:giggle
What we Heard:go home
What we Heard:huh
What we Heard:John
What we Heard:now
What we Heard:ok
What we Heard:smile
What we Heard:don't know just a voice
What we Heard:sound like yelling
What we Heard:unknown


Watch the lower right side hinge. A shadow blocks out hinge. Then door opens.