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Fort Mifflin



Brief History of Ft. Mifflin

Located on the scenic Delaware River, Ft. Mifflin was originally built by the British in 1771. It is the site of the largest bombardment the North American continent has ever witnessed. In 1777, during the American Revolution, a valiant five- week battle took place when the British Navy attacked Ft. Mifflin on Mud Island. The British shot over 10,000 cannonballs at the Fort, causing the garrison to eventually evacuate. Over 150 Continental Soldiers died as a result of the battle. This allowed General Washington and the Continental Army to repair to their winter quarters in a place called Valley Forge.

Ft. Mifflin was reconstructed in 1798 as one of the coastal defenses of the era. An active military post until the Korean War, this made the Fort one of the longest continually used military post in the nation up until that time. The Fort has played many roles in the security of our Nation in its 235 years in existence; garrisoned in the War of 1812, a confederate prison during the Civil War and a munitions depot in World Wars 1 & 2.

The Fort is home to 14 restored historic structures constructed from 1778 to 1875, included Enlisted Barracks, Officers Quarters, Blacksmith Shop and the casemates.

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Historical Marker
Moat Bridge
River view from Ft. wall
Ft. Mifflin full view
Commandants house
Commandants House
Marker for Commandants House
Model of Commandants House
Casemate 11
Entrance casemate 11
Main Gate
Casemate 5
Well Room
Munitions Bunker
Officers Quarters
Prisoner check in
Parade grounds
Low flying plane


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What we heard: "Get out." What we heard: "Here he comes."
What we heard: "going the wrong way" What we heard: "What? Here he comes."
What we heard: "Go home" What we heard: "What? Here he comes."