Octagon hall





Investigator Kevin Cox, Kathy Cox, Tech Danny Kilgore, Kenneth Kilgore, Lead Investigator Karen Kilgore




Octagon Hall

Franklin Ky

In 1847, Andrew Jackson Caldwell laid the foundation to his unique eight sided home. Completed in 1859, it soon became a landmark in South-central Kentucky.

The Caldwell Family remained owners of the house, after Andrews death. Harriet Caldwell sold the home in 1918 to Dr. Miles Williams, an Osteopath, relocated from Nashville. Octagon Hall remained Dr. Williams home & office until his death in 1954, at which time it became rental property.

The Octagon Hall Foundation was formed in 2001, at which time the property was purchased.

Today several apparitions have been reported, this includes a small girl(presumed Mary Elizabeth, the daughter of the Caldwells that died.) She has been seen in the house and on the grounds, day or night, also recently a large shadow figure has been seen.

The Octagon Hall was used though out the war as a Sanctuary and Hospital.



Front of Octagon Hall
Front Lawn
Unknown soldiers
Slave Grave yard
Blacksmith shop
Hospital Room
Hospital room in night vision
Hospital room in night vision
Stairway in night vision




Highlight text below sound file to see what we heard

What we Heard: get the
What we Heard: gray
What we Heard:hang on
What we Heard:help
What we Heard:help come and get me Karen
What we Heard:help me
What we Heard:hay
What we Heard:a moan
What we Heard: Mommy
What we Heard: NO
What we Heard: they left the room
What we Heard:not for sure what it said




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