Kevil Ghost Hunter
AKA Kevil Area Paranormal Investigators (K.A.P.I )



Welcome to Kevil Area Pranormal Investigators (AKA. K.A.P.I )
We are a small Paranormal research group, founded in 2006.
located in Western Kentucky.
K.A.P.I. members are not new to paranormal phenomena. Many
have had their own paranormal experiences.
You will find each member, professional, caring, respectful and
knowledgeable with all aspects of our equipment.
We go into every situation, not to prove paranormal activity, but
to be open minded and find a logical explaination for the activities.
Thank you for your interest in Kevil Area Paranormal Investigators.
Please sign our guest book & leave us your thoughts.
If you have any questions, please contact us by email for further information.



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